Wordpress For Mobiles


To stay popular or garner the attention of its base audience, a website has to be easily accessible and manoeuvrable on all kinds of devices. Regardless of the kind of business the website is into or the audience group it caters to, the site has to fit into the frame of every computer screen in the world - be it a regular desktop or laptop computer, or a more portable device such as a tablet PC or a smartphone. hosting wordpress on your mobile phone is quite easy and would be an excellent example of a functional but simple website for the following reasons.

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Tools and Plugins

To be more responsive and flexible, a website would eventually have to make use of several tools or plugins. And, the biggest benefit to using WordPress for powering a website is the fact that a major portion of the necessary software applications or widgets cost zero money. Invariably, most WordPress-powered sites do not have any issues pertaining to screen compatibility. However, if a WordPress site is hosted on a private server or hosting service, the chances of the website being the same size or not budging to the screen dimensions of multiple devices are quite high. And, if the problem persists or does not get noticed by the webmaster, mobile users of the site could encounter issues that may make it tough for them to use the site's functions and features.

Mobile Browsing is the Trend

It's no surprise that almost all websites should be mobile-friendly. If not, the site would lose its readers and eventually dip down in popularity and lose the traffic it gets. In fact, popular search engines give preference to mobile-friendly sites - as such websites tend to load up quite quickly and the overall browsing experience remains smooth, as a result. Websites that take some time to unveil their full potential end up with the highest bounce rates.

Plugins Solve the Problem

Most webmasters who have been plagued by screen-compatibility issues ended up falling in love with plugins. Luckily, WordPress has a host of handy-dandy plugins that could solve a site's mobile-friendliness issues. Also, there are several free and premium responsive WordPress themes that address this problem.

Which Plugin to Choose?

As mentioned before, there are many plugins that tackle a website's woes. One size doesn't fit all similarly, there is no universal plugin that would work well onfor every WordPress website. Some WP sites could be into the e-commerce business, while a host of other sites may focus on services like photo-sharing, social networking, etc. Ultimately, the decision is up to the site owner and hisher requirements.